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Eco-Clear Pond Filtration


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Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration Systems

Pond filtration has never been easier! The EasyPro Eco-Clear Pressurized Filters provide an excellent dual filtration for ponds. Ideal for preformed ponds and small water features needing effective filtration.  The Eco-Clear Submersible Pond Pumps offer maximum power AND energy efficiency. OR get the Complete Pond Filtration System Kit, combining the Eco-Clear Pressurized Filter and the Submersible Pond Pump for complete pond filtration.


  1. Dirty pond water is sent to the Pressurized Pond Filter from the Submersible Pond Pump.
  2. The dirty water passes through multiple densities of foam filters and is cleaned of solid debris.
  3. The pond water then passes through bio-media for excellent biological filtration and the high-intensity UV light destroy algae cells, eliminating green water.
  4. Clean water is then sent to the water feature to be cycled into the pond.


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