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ECK13UDX Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration System

ECK13UDX Eco-Clear Complete Pond Filtration System


How it Works

Dirty pond water enters the pressurized filter. Water is pushed through multiple densities of foam filters and cleaned of solid debris. Water is pushed through bio-media that provides excellent biological filtration. Select units have high-intensity UV lights that destroy algae cells, eliminating green water. Cleaned water is returned to your pond.

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Pond Filtration has never been easier! These kit combine the EasyPro Eco-Clear UV Pressurized Filters and Submersible Pond Pumps for complete pond filtration.

Kit include:

  • Eco-Clear Submersible Pond Pump (EPS1300)
  • Eco-Clear Pressurized Pond Filter (EC2600U)
  • Kink free tubing and clamps