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Barley Straw


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  • $11.69$15.19 Quickview

    EasyPro Barley Straw Bale for Water Gardens

    Barley Straw Bale ideal for improving water quality! Naturally occurring organisms will decompose the lignin in the barley releasing humic substances into the water. With exposure to sunlight and oxygen the compounds are converted into low levels of hydrogen peroxide, modifying your pond's chemistry and improving water quality.
    $11.69$15.19 Quickview
  • $21.27$73.99 Quickview

    EasyPro Barley Straw Pellets

    Barley Straw Pellets are all natural and less messy than traditional barley straw bales. Once exposed to pond water, these barley straw pellets will quickly begin to break down and release active ingredients that help keep pond water clean and clear. As they break down they produce a steady and extended release for up to eight weeks.
    $21.27$73.99 Quickview
  • $13.87$54.57 Quickview

    EasyPro Liquid Barley Straw Extract

    Liquid Barley Straw Extract contains active ingredients derived from barley straw. This liquid formula also eliminates the need to use unsightly pellets or bales of barley in your pond.
    $13.87$54.57 Quickview