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Archive for 2020

  • Oct032020

    8 Essential Items to Get You Through Winter Without a Hitch

    1. How cold is it? Water temperature and air temperature can really vary, so a water gardener must have an…

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  • Oct012020

    The Basics of Water Garden Winterizing

    5 DIY Steps to Cleaning Up Before Old Man Winter Comes to Visit. Performing these five simple steps can keep…

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  • Sep262020
    Koi and goldfish food

    Protecting Your Pond and Fish During Autumn and Winter

    For many parts of the United States, it’s getting to be that time of year again … leaves fall from…

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  • Sep032020

    Deicers, Bubblers & Heaters – Which is the Best Choice?

    If you live in the Northern part of the US you can bet that Mother Nature will once again show…

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  • Mar122020

    12 Steps to Get Your Pond Ready for Spring

    Once the snow has disappeared, the ice melted in your pond and the temperatures have been consistently above 40°F for…

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  • Mar032020
    Lake & Pond Aeration

    Fountains Or Diffused Aeration – Which is Better?

    AERATION SYSTEMS Stoney Creek is a major supplier of pond and lake aeration systems. Whatever your need, we have the…

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  • Mar012020

    Provide Some “KLC” for Your Pond – Koi Loving Care That Is!

    Supplying adequate oxygen levels and circulation during hot summer months or de-icing during freezing months is critical for pond and…

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