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Protecting Your Pond and Fish During Autumn and Winter

Protecting Your Pond and Fish During Autumn and Winter
September 26, 2020 admin
In Pond Management
Koi and goldfish food

For many parts of the United States, it’s getting to be that time of year again … leaves fall from trees … the weather turns cool … then cold … then colder! A pond in poor condition after summer will subsequently have a rough time this winter. It’s time to get your pond, fish and aquatic plants ready before the seasons change. Anything you can do to reduce stress prior to and during winter, will pay off appreciably next spring!

Prepare your pond for the fall by first giving it a good cleaning, making sure to remove any fallen leaves and debris. Next, cover it with a net to stop any further debris from falling in and decaying.

As temperatures drop, be sure to monitor the water temperature to maintain an ideal environment for fish. You’ll need to start transitioning fish diets as well, to accommodate the changes they will undergo as the seasons change. It’s best to opt for wheat-germ-based food for Koi and Goldfish since this type is highly digestible — important as the metabolism of your fish will diminish in the colder months. When temperatures drop into the thirties and below, you can often stop feeding fish altogether.

As for aquatic plants, now’s the time to prune back dead foliage and bring any non-hardy varieties indoors before the first frost.

When Old Man Winter shows up, be ready by investing in an aerator or de-icer. This will keep at least an area of the pond from freezing over, which is essential for fish survival. When temperatures become extreme you’ll want to shut down your equipment, disconnecting the pump, UV clarifier, and filter before water freezes. It’s a good idea to store the equipment inside away from harmful elements. This is also a great time to clean it and get it ready for the spring!

Follow these guidelines this fall and winter, and you’ll be good to go come spring! For more information or if you have any questions, contact us in Grant, MI by dialing 231-834-7720, or by using our convenient online contact form.