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8 Essential Items to Get You Through Winter Without a Hitch

8 Essential Items to Get You Through Winter Without a Hitch
October 3, 2020 admin
In Beginner's Guide

1. How cold is it?

Water temperature and air temperature can really vary, so a water gardener must have an easy way to check the water temperature regularly. The EasyPro pond and water garden thermometer not only floats (when the cap is on), it also can sink (when the cap is off). It’s shatterproof and reads temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

2. Cast your net

Deluxe Pond Cover Tents are easy to assemble and protects ponds from leaves and debris. Ever had a hard time finding a net that fits the dimensions of your pond? Look no further. This EasyPro pond netting comes in common pre-cut dimensions, and bulk rolls of 10, 20 and 30 feet. Cut your own net to fit nearly any sized pond.

3. Chow time

As the water temperature in your pond decreases, your fish’s metabolism begins to slow down as well. Low protein, Cold Water Food (Wheat Germ) is much easier for your fish to digest in colder temperatures.

4. Skimming along

With a telescopic handle and strong net, the EasyPro pond net should help you get out all of the excess leaves and debris without you having to leave the edge of the pond. The detachable head on the net makes cleaning and storage a snap, too.

5. A hole in one

Make a hole in the winter ice with either the EasyPro pond aerator and/or pond deicer (heater) to make sure the toxic gases can escape and oxygen can return. Check out our energy efficient deicer that was tested in Northern Wisconsin ponds down to -39°F..

6. Cleaner and faster

Tired of waiting for bales or pellets to biodegrade? Get the same clean and clear water as you would with bales or pellets in less time. EasyPro Liquid Barley Extract was formulated from a fermentation of barley straw to a concentrated liquid. Clean and clear water in the fall makes spring a snap and keeps your fish healthy.

7. All the power without all of the smell

Improving your water clarity couldn’t be more important than it is in the fall. Remove ammonia, nitrates, phosphates and sludge with EasyPro Seasonal Boost Bacteria. You can get all the benefits of bacteria without the awful smell.

8. Easier than ever!

EasyPro Sludge Remover Bacteria is available in pre-measured water soluble packets. Just pop one in and the sludge in your pond will begin to liquefy. One quick dissolving packet can be used as a maintenance dose for each 1,000 gallons of water you have. Not only does this remove odors from your pond, it also prolongs your filter and provides a cleaner pond for your fish. This product works great in tandem with the EasyPro Seasonal Boost too.