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Getting Fish from Stoney Creek

Options To Receive Your Fish:

Sorry, we do not ship fish nor deliver outside the state of Michigan.


Pick Up At Stoney Creek:

Transport time of up to 2 to 3 hours back to your pond can be accommodated provided water temperatures are cool enough for proper fish handling. Call ahead 24-48 hours in advance to check on fish availability and sizes. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing to pick up your fish. Bring five gallon pails to set bags in and transport your fish home. Fish bagging fee is $1.50 per bag. One pail typically holds 25-50 fish depending on species, size, temperature and transport time.

Stoney Creek does NOT recommend fish pick-ups during hot weather (late June through early September).
The total combined stress to the fish from handling, bagging, transport time, and lengthy tempering is often too high.

Delivery By Our Fish Truck To Your Pond Or Lake:

Large orders only – $1000 minimum in game fish ONLY. (Minnows not included)

Delivery is based on distance from Stoney Creek and the number of orders on the truck. Four to six orders are required for a full truck to deliver into your general area.

Delivery fees range from $100 to $250+ within 150 miles of Stoney Creek Fisheries. Delivery distances greater than 150 miles will require a quote.

PLEASE NOTE: Mich. Dept. of Natural Resources requires permits for stocking any species of fish in public waters; private ponds with no outlet do not need a permit. Call your local DNR office or visit their site.