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SEP12 Septic and Drain 2-in-1 Treatment

SEP12 Septic and Drain 2-in-1 Treatment


Keep your septic system and household drains functioning properly with this natural bacteria product. Billions of enzyme producing beneficial bacteria work to accelerate the breakdown of common household wastes. For septic treatment once per month simply drop one water soluble packet into toilet, wait a few minutes for it to dissolve and flush the toilet.

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For a 1000 gallon residential septic system, flush one packet per month to maintain a healthy septic system

  • Pre-measured dissolvable packets that dissolve in minutes
  • Helps prevent costly and unpleasant system backups
  • Reduces odors in drain lines and garbage disposals
  • Twelve count jar is one year supply
  • No messy powders of liquids
  • Better value than leading brands