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CVA20TH 2" Coupling Check Valve Assembly – TH150/TH250/TH400/TH750

CVA20TH 2" Coupling Check Valve Assembly – TH150/TH250/TH400/TH750


These check valve assemblies are used inside Pro-Series skimmers or pump vaults to help make the connection from the pump to the plumbing line outside the tub. Units are pre-assembled to match specific pumps in select skimmers and vaults to appropriate size plumbing lines. Assemblies include swing check valves to keep plumbing lines full of water when the pump is off. They also include a rubber coupling connection with clamps to make seasonal maintenance or servicing easier by simply loosing the clamp to remove the pump and assembly.

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  • CVA20TH is for TH series pumps in PSA5000, PSA7000, PS1V or PS1FB skimmers and JAFM, JAFL or PV60E vaults
  • Pump connection is 2″ mpt
  • Tubing connection fits 2″ PVC