Above picture shows how PondSeal pellets expand and gel into solid layer in water.

Revolutionary new way to seal leaking ponds, dikes, dams and spillways, etc.  Sodium bentonite clay bonded to limestone aggregate creates a small rock-like "nugget" that sinks directly to pond bottom.

  • Seals leaks without draining the pond.

  • Clay particles swell when wet creating a solid layer of leak protection.

  • Great for sealing around intake pipes, muskrat holes, cuts and tears in liners.

  • Eco-friendly - all earthen ingredients, will not alter water chemistry.

  • Apply at five pounds per square foot for a ¾" thick coverage or ten pounds per square foot for 1½" thick coverage.

Part # Description Ship Wt.  Price
SBC50 Pondseal, 50 lb. bag 53 lbs. $27.89
SBC250 Pondseal, 2400 lb. supersak 2475 lbs. $594.89

Can be used as a liner over entire pond or for spot sealing!  Great for sealing earthen dams and dikes!

Two 6" pipes were added to this pond causing a breach in the liner 1" from top of pond.
A 12" wide strip of Pondseal was installed under, around and above the pipes.
A simple, easy repair that is 100% water proof once water was added!
  Also available in bulk, priced by the ton and packaged in supersaks - 2,400 pounds per 3' x 3' x 3' bag.  Please call for custom quotes on large jobs.  Save 10% when you buy a full pallet (48 units) of 50 pound bags!
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